Competition Rules

1. Common rules

The online competition is held through the Internet, it’s absolutely free. We do not charge for registration, prizes and their delivery.
Contest administration answers all the questions if they are sent in the messages on the official pages of the contest.
Any girl up to 17 years old can register in the contest.
One profile should be created for one child; it should contain 3 photos and information about a contestant.
It is forbidden to provide any information about child’s diseases in the profile. It is also forbidden to provide any links to the social network and other websites.
Contest administration has the right to reject any application with no reason given.
Contest administration has the right to adjust the rules, prizes and contest dates without contestants notification.
Contest administration is not responsible for photographs and any text information uploaded by the contestants.
Contest administration has the right to fine contestants if there is any violation of the rules by writing-off votes or deleting the profile.

2. Calculating votes

It is possible to give your vote for any contestant using one device or IP address. For example, if there is a flat or an office that uses one IP-address, all votes casted will be counted as one. Votes cannot be count due to some old devices or browsers, incorrect adjustments and installed applications that affect the Internet connection.

2.1. It is not allowed

1. To drive up votes using money and paid advertising. Any case with offering money and/or other goods/services to drive up votes is considered fraud.
2. To drive up votes via any tricks with IP addresses and browsers change, or any computer hacking.
3. To send spam messages asking to vote for your profile.
4. To gain votes providing voters with gifts, whether it is money or any other valuable things.
5. Automated mass-voting might be recognized by the system and deleted.

2.2. It is allowed

To ask your friends, relatives, colleagues and fans to vote for you on any social network, messengers and forums except for the official fan page of the contest.

3. How to edit your profile?

To edit your profile you should send the link of your profile and information that is needed to be changed to the administration of the official pages.
Age changes could be made only within 5 days after registration.

4. How to delete your profile?

To delete your profile you should send the link of your profile and a photo of any legal document of the child to the administration in VK. Your profile and photographs will be deleted for good.

5. Contestant communication

It is strictly forbidden to insult contest administration in VK and any other contestants for any reasons. Incorrect behaviour from your part may lead to blocking your profile.
Contestants are not allowed to post screenshots and texts showing their communication with the contest administration.

6. How can you get your prize?

The prizes will be sent to your hometown for free.

7. What photographs are not allowed to post?

Photographs of other children without permission from their parents or legal representatives.
Photographs of naked children.

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