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Contest winners. Season 2020

The results of the contest "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" have been announced! Out of 21, 318 participants, 208 girls from 0 to 17 years old entered the semifinal. By voting of the international jury team, 18 winners of the competition were selected. Congratulations to the winners and semifinalists of the contest! We express our gratitude to each participant and are waiting for you in the next season of the contest. Winners are requested to contact us through our Vkontakte, Facebook or Instagram communities.

0 year
Emiliya Tarasiuk (Russia)

1 year
Miroslava Yurikova (Russia)

2 years
Siren Alnadi (Palestine)

3 years
Anna Mavropulo (Russia)

4 years
Anna-Maria Oshkukova (Russia)

5 years
Amal Samet (Kazakhstan)

6 years
Anastasia Kheichieva (Russia)

7 years
Simonyn Daniela (Russia)

8 years
Maria Shevchyk (Russia)

9 years
Karolina Mamarazikova (Kazakhstan)

10 years
Daria Leonova (Russia)

11 years
Margarita Sushko (Belarus)

12 years
Diana Pashkevich (Belarus)

13 years
Juliana Barannikova (Russia)

14 years
Maria Chub (Ukraine)

15 years
Lashyn Yer Kosaikyzy (Kazakhstan)

16 years
Zlata Sokolova (Russia)

17 years
Yasmin Aliyeva (Kazakhstan)

Also, by the sum of points, the Most beautiful girl in the World was chosen, who will receive the treasured crown!


Amal Samet

Amal Samet (Kazakhstan)

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